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Because AJ feels strongly that the connection between any therapist and client is pivotal, AJ offers a complimentary meet & greet abbreviated session to any clients contemplating asking AJ to be their individual, couples, or family therapist.  After a brief telephone call where initial questions are answered, we will schedule a time to meet (during the COVID-19 pandemic these meetings are conducted via Zoom) and get to know each other better.  After this meet & greet session, clients have the chance to decide if they’d like to move forward with therapy with AJ.  

Couples, family, and individual sessions last 50 minutes and are $140. Some couples and family sessions require more time and select 90-minute sessions are available for $200. All forms of electronic payment as well as cash/check are accepted.  Payment is due at time of services. Itemized billing statements are available for all clients if requested. 

Yes, and clients facing financial constraints are encouraged to openly discuss this during our initial telephone consultation to see if we can find a fee structure that works for you.  Please note that those requesting sliding scale will be required to show proof of income to qualify.  

I can provide a documentation of services to clients who wish to provide this to their insurance companies and retain reimbursement when applicable.  Please note, you should contact your insurance company before any meetings with me to ensure you have a complete understanding of your coverage, reimbursement amounts, and any other details.  As an AMFT I am not considered “in-network” for any insurance panels.  

AJ Rich Therapy accepts all forms of electronic payment, including HSA cards when applicable.  Additionally, clients can pay with cash or check.  Please review intake documents for full details on payment, using the client portal, and other important practice policies.  Please note that electronic payments appear as M. Chatterton Therapy on your billing statements.  

The times are held for each client, and any time a client will miss a session, AJ requests as much notice as possible.  Please note that there will be a full charge for a session if not re-scheduled or cancelled with at least 24 hours advanced notice.  AJ will also alert all clients in advance when he is away for any scheduled sessions, normally with at least two weeks notice or as early as possible.  


The majority of AJ’s clients are individuals involved with personal therapy.  As a MFT (Marriage & Family Therapist) I believe that our relationships with others have the greatest impact on our psychological well being and cater my treatment with this in mind.  

The office is located at 2812 Avenel Street in Silverlake. The contact page of this site offers an interactive map where you can see the exact office location.  For door codes and instructions including detailed parking instructions, please refer to your intake documents.  AJ Rich Therapy is not responsible for damage or theft of vehicles/personal property or parking citations/towing/etc.  Please read street signs carefully and pay your meters if parking on Rowena (the main street).  This neighborhood is notorious for parking tickets.  

Getting started and staying committed to the process is the biggest hurdle.  AJ’s clients can expect an open dialogue throughout each session, with them leading the way on what they would like to address each time we meet.  AJ’s clients can expect a direct and active approach to therapy.  Also, AJ does not take notes during sessions so that he can spend the entire time focused in on what we talk about and giving you his undivided attention. 

Most clients see AJ at the same time each week, especially at the beginning of the therapy relationship.  Each client, couple, or family is unique and we will discuss your treatment plan together at the beginning of our work together. 

AJ treats clients with relationships, life transitions, marital, pre-marital, post-marital, anti-marital, anxiety, depression, grief, chronic illness, codependency, coping skills, emotional disturbances, developmental issues, gambling, parenting, infertility, infidelity, parenting, racial identity, school issues, sex, self-esteem, self-harm, abuse of all types, sexuality, gender expression, stress, and is also affirming to clients from all marginalized community. Check AJ out on Psychology Today, Therapy Den, and Good Therapy for more in-depth information.  

Psychodynamic, Relational, Person-Centered, Narrative, and Imago therapy are most often used by AJ in his counseling approach.

AJ works with various types of individuals, couples, & families and is proud to be affirming and open to everyone.  That being said, the majority of AJ’s clients might be described as “outside the box.”  Based on physical location of the office, AJ works intensely with creative clients, whether that be involvement with film/television, music, art, or freelance communities and people.  AJ is also proud to offer services to members of his personal LGBTQIA+ community, as well as clients that are exploring other life events that are often diminished or “looked down upon” such as couples in a consensual non-monogamous relationship, individuals opposed to or turned off by traditional gender roles, and various other unique characteristics.  AJ also strongly believes that the therapeutic relationship between client and therapist is the cornerstone of any successful therapy and is open to direct and engaging feedback from clients when the “connection might feel off.”  Part of practicing within AJ’s own competence might involve referring clients out to a more experienced clinician when particular events present in therapy, and all referrals provided are done so thoughtfully and with that particular individual in mind.  

Privacy & support

AJ Rich Therapy is exclusively using confidential and secure HIPAA compliant video software to conduct sessions during the pandemic until we can safely resume in-person sessions at the office in Silverlake.  

Yes, using a confidential and secure HIPAA compliant video software that is user friendly and does not require downloads, logins, or complicated passwords.  

All clients agree to call 911 in the event of any emergency or if they are in need of immediate attention/support, including psychiatric. Additionally, operators are available 24/7 at the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at (800) 273-TALK [8255].

The link to the client portal is at the bottom of every page on my website and can also be accessed by clicking

AJ takes every step available to ensure that your privacy is upheld.  It is understandable that people are worried about their personal health information (commonly referred to PHI) and it getting into the wrong hands.  AJ Rich Therapy strives to be up to date on changes and advancements to technology and to keep your records safe and protected by paying for industry leading software and protection in hopes of avoiding a break.  Of course, with the world wide web and speed of which technology is advancing, there is no way to ensure total confidentiality, and in the off-chance of any type of security breach, AJ would alert each client directly that such an event occurred.  AJ Rich Therapy expressly makes no promises and wants all clients to be aware of the dangers and risks of PHI being stolen via the internet.  For these reasons and more, AJ strongly encourages clients not to text or email with private information and reserve these platforms for appointment setting and other similar details.  For clients seeing AJ via telehealth (video or telephone) you will receive a detailed document about the risks and benefits of using this type of technology for therapy at the beginning of our work together and it will be addressed throughout the online work together.

Yes, and as a mandated reporter AJ is legally and ethically required to break confidentiality in certain cases such as child or dependent adult abuse/neglect or when he feels like a client is in danger of harming themselves or someone else.  Each new client is given a written version of consent at the beginning of our work together that details all of the reasons AJ would need to break confidentiality and we will openly discuss it in the first session and throughout our work together.  

We will discuss this in-person during our sessions, however it is important to note that AJ will avoid ever “saying hello” to a client first if we are to see each other outside of the therapy space to protect your confidentiality.  Although never required, if you feel comfortable with saying hello to AJ in public, he will surely reciprocate.  These limits extend to the internet as well.  Clients can feel comfortable that AJ will never publicly respond to reviews left on sites such as Yelp, Google, or elsewhere and will not accept friend requests via social media from any current or former clients to preserve and uphold confidentiality.  

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